A Mock Trial On My Life

Ever since I was in primary school, my dream has been to become a lawyer of some sort. In high school, I began to take many law classes that my school offered and began preparing myself for what my life would be like in a couple of years. Now I am at the University of Oklahoma and I walk past the Law School everyday hoping that one day I will be accepted into it and become a lawyer through it. I use it as motivation.

So several weeks ago I came across an email that talked about an International and Area Studies Career Prep and Networking Fair. At first, I thought it sounded interesting but was not sure if I could get any use out of it. After contemplating to myself, I decided that I should attend it and give it a chance. I am not an IAS major, but I knew that it could be beneficial to me in the long-run. After walking around for a few minutes, I finally came across something that sparked up my interest and it was the OU Pre-Law Society booth. The field of law is what I am most interested in as my future college career, and I loved being able to talk to fellow students about it and tell them what my interests are.

I am most interested in International Law and Immigration Law. I have had many international experiences which has made me want to continue traveling and exploring the world which is why I think International Law would be a great fit for me. After talking to some students at the IAS Career Prep and Networking fair I suddenly got more hopeful and more motivated to do what I love and study to become a lawyer. I am now more motivated then ever, and I hope that one day I am able to achieve my goals. I am a part of the OU Pre-Law Society now, and I plan to attend all the meeting that I am able to attend.

I love knowing what I want to do with my life, and the University of Oklahoma offers so many opportunities that continually help me mature into a better student/person. I am so thankful that I can partake in such amazing things, and I cannot wait until I get accepted into Law School.


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