Cabo Wabo my dude.

After high school graduation, my future roommate (current one) and I decided to take an international trip together before we both moved to college. After extensively looking at locations, we decided on taking a trip to Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur, Mexico.

This was going to be her first time traveling outside of the country, and although I have many times before, this was my first time traveling without one of my family members. Many firsts. One of the things that helped me out a lot was the fact that I know fluent Spanish so I could get around the city well. We stayed in an all-inclusive hotel in Mexico and spent five days at the beach at a Riu hotel. Everything was paid for, and my roommate and I spent five days eating and tanning.

Each hotel is like its own little world, there was no reason for my roommate and I to leave the comfort of it. But we both like adventures and we love to explore which is why this experience was great. My roommate and I wanted to venture outside of the hotel and actually experience the city life of Cabo San Lucas.

  • The Marina – the marina was beautiful and we had lunch there. We walked around and spoke to many of the citizens there. It was easy for me because I could speak to them in Spanish.
  • The City – my roommate and I took a taxi into the city which was about a ten minute drive. In the city, we walked around and went to many shops where we bartered for many items. The city was a crazy experience because it was a culture shock to my roommate, but it was similar to El Salvador for me. At times, it was hard to get around considering we were two 18-year olds walking around an unknown city but thanks to Siri it got a little easier.
  • El Arco de Cabo San Lucas – we got a water taxi (which I bartered the price) and took it to the famous Arco de Cabo San Lucas. It was stunning and surreal.

Cabo was an experience of a lifetime,  and I am so happy that I got to experience it with my roommate before we moved to college together. It was from this moment that we decided that we wanted to travel together and are now looking at possibilities through the University of Oklahoma.


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