I attended a fair! Well…kind of.

Traveling is all I want to do with my life, and after learning that there was going to be a study abroad fair I wrote the date and time down immediately in my agenda. I was so excited to see what opportunities the University of Oklahoma gave to their students (especially me). Although this blog post is slightly delayed, I wanted to talk about my experience at the study abroad fair.

Study Abroad Fair

First of all, I want to say that the University of Oklahoma offers ENDLESS amounts of opportunities. I was blown away by the amount of tables and people at the fair in the south oval. I ended up with about 20 brochures, and a lot of information regarding what opportunities I am interested in. Throughout the fair, I became very interest in these specific countries:

  • Tanzania
  • Spain
  • Italy

I talked to individuals about the journey programs that the University offered, and I also talked to individuals about Arrezo, Italy and Spain (specifically Alcalá). I spoke to individuals about what I want to do with my life, and how I want to minor in Spanish. They gave me a lot of information, and my next step was setting up an advising appointment. But what I am most interested in is spending a Semester at Sea.

Semester at Sea

I first became aware of this program when one of my good friends signed up for it and got accepted into it early last year. Spending a Semester at Sea is a dream of mine, and I hope that sometime throughout my college career I will be a part of this. When I saw the booth of Semester at Sea at the Study Abroad Fair I ran to it and asked the girl so many questions regarding how I could be a part of it. Ever since then, I have continually looked into it and have been planning on how I will get to be a part of it.


Overall, I am amazed by the opportunities that the University of Oklahoma gives and I cannot wait to study abroad. The study abroad fair is

safe travels, ale


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