Hamdullah Mohib Visits Oklahoma

Hamdullah Mohib is an Afghan diplomat who is currently serving as Afghan ambassador to the United States. The University of Oklahoma was lucky enough to host a reception for him, and invited students to come and meet him . At the reception, he first spoke about the foundation of Afghanistan and gave the audience more detail as to who he is and why he came to visit. Then he was able to answer questions from the audience.

Mohib starts by giving us details about the Afghan parliament and how they have grown from 3 diplomats to 45 diplomats. He tells us that the problems that Afghan is facing are real rather than abstract, and also explains how the United States have been one of the biggest influences for them. Today Afghanistan is a democracy, and although the parliament is not exactly where he wants it to be, he stated that they have a foundation which will allow them to achieve it. Mohib wants to give the Afghan people a chance to redefine the future, and that is why he wants to help implement a strong plan. One of the things that stuck out to me the most is that his family fled Afghanistan when the Soviets took over. Eventually, they returned and he was asked the question, why? He explained to the audience that there is no place like home, and his generation is determined to rebuild and end the war.

Mohib then says, “I encourage you to take full advantage of your time here at the University to learn as much about the world as you can. It is a very global world now…and it is easy to learn about other countries.”

Mohib showed strong leadership, and I was impressed with every word he spoke. I was mostly able to learn about international relations during the question and answer part of the reception. A professor who teaches Persian at the University of Oklahoma asked the question of how students who are studying Persian should practice the language, and Mohib responded by saying that yes he encourages it but to wait until the security plan is finalized. He also told the professor that in the meantime her students should use the resources online to practice the language.

Another question Mohib was asked related to the relationship between Pakistan and Afghanistan. He stated that the situation is unfortunate and that terrorism has hurt the Pakistani people. But in the end, Afghanistan wants peace for themselves as well as their neighbors. Similarly, he was asked about the relationship between Israel and Afghanistan. He explained that as soon as the issues between Israel and Palestine are done then there will be no issue.

Mohib ended the Q&A by emphasizing that Afghanistan “will not give in to terrorism,” and that “the country will not be ruled by terrorists.” Afghans are proud that they are fighting for a better country.

Undoubtably, I was able to learn about international relations and some of the affects they have on other nations. I really enjoyed hearing Hamdullah Mohib speak at the University of Oklahoma, and I hope that next time he is here there will be a positive change in Afghanistan.



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