After Undergrad Opportunities: Fulbright and Peace Corps

On the 4th of April, it was Global Engagement day at the University of Oklahoma and I attended the first session (see my last post) as well as the third session of the day. The third session consisted of “After Undergrad Opportunities” and two speakers spoke to us about the Fulbright scholarship and the Peace Corps.

Sarah Griswold is the Peace Core prep coordinator at the University of Oklahoma. Griswold highlighted how the Peace Corp is the most successful flagship program, which was established by John F. Kennedy. Griswold then spoke about the benefits the program gives including​ community building​ and pragmatic benefits. The Peace Corps​ will take care of you when you are doing your service, and you will receive​ medical and dental care as well as a monthly stipend. Particularly, Griswold does the Peace Corp Prep which is new to the University of Oklahoma and began in the Fall of 2017. Griswold finished her presentation by telling us how it is a competitive program, but it also makes you a better competitor and looks​ good when you are finished with it and are applying for other opportunities.

Jonathan Freeman is a Fulbright Alumni and Ambassador who is currently getting his Ph.D.​ and came to speak to us about his experience as a Fulbright scholar and how to apply to it. Freeman conducted archival research on cultural boycotts in Johannesburg, South Africa. During his time in South Africa, he also gave two lectures on his research and was surrounded by other Fulbright recipients. To be eligible for this scholarship, you must be a graduating senior or graduate student, and you must complete the application process and go through a series of other steps. There are two types of grants that are given out: one is a study and research grant, and the other is an English teaching assistantship​ grant. Freeman spoke to us about his experience, as well as what he is doing now and how Fulbright has impacted his life and his career. It was influential for me to hear his story, and how he got to where he is now. I am very happy that I was able to hear Jonathan Freeman speak during Global Engagement day.

Lastly, I am very interested in Fulbright. I will continue to do more research into it, as well as take some early steps that will help me achieve my goal. Although I have two years left until I graduate, I find it important to start early and motivate yourself.

Fulbright Website:

best regards,
ale acosta


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